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Most small to medium business owners and managers created a training plan as part of their business and career but do nothing!

But with the day-to-day of running the electrical business and managing projects, a year or even many years can go by before you refer back to that training plan—if at all.

Well, a lot can happen in the business during those years: priorities may have shifted, you may have added new products, key staff may have been added or moved on.

Suddenly, you realize that as an organization, your course has changed, but your long-range plans aren’t updated to reflect the new direction you’re taking.

Business strategy means having a long-range training plan and milestones along the way that ensure you get there. Read More

The last few years marks an incredibly boring yet heated year in the Australian Electrical Industry. Electric Tech has advanced to a point where its so amazing that innovation becomes really hard. The products are Read More

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As a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) working on electrical equipment (electrical work) you are required to ensure you comply with electrical safety laws in Australia and New Zealand.

What is electrical work?
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With over 750 million users worldwide, Microsoft Excel is the traditional tool of choice for presenting and analysing data.

For Electrical Business Intelligence BI, you generally have one of two choices when it comes to choosing a software platform. You can choose to use proprietary software that is trademarked and likely requires you to obtain or purchase an ongoing license, or you can use an excel platform software, which is an easy-to-use software that you can download and pay NO ongoing licensing maintenance fees for each computer you use. Advantages and disadvantages exist to using both. Read More

Change is a key component of Electrical Business and project ownership. Electrical Business Owners and Project Managers who successfully manage change in their business/projects and their own approach tend to build a strong, vibrant company and project culture that attracts talent.
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When most people in the electrical industry think about money in their business, they’re thinking about it in negative ways: budget constraints, worry, can’t afford it, jealousy of others on how and what they’re doing instead concentrating on their own electrical business and personal goals.
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IN AUSTRALIA TOO MANY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS GOING BUST! This is unacceptable; what should you do if you are an electrical business owner or manager?


As Small to Medium Electrical Business Owners or Managers you need to be more entrepreneurial and innovative such as starting with a Strategic Business Plan with the flexibility to place at any-time your own creative and innovative entrepreneurial money making stamp into your business to avoid collapse such as using this continuous process.

This is your Strategic Business Plan and is a detailed systematic arrangement of the mind map process so everyone can simply follow and you need to change the way you are doing things to ensure the full benefit.
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Every Electrical Construction Contractor should have sample estimates and guides for training new estimators and updating experienced estimators. Lack of time often prevents the preparation of such material, with the result that many unnecessary mistakes are made and much estimating time is lost.

Electrical Construction Estimating is a process with proven functions and calculations which take into account not only material prices but also the productive efficiency of the total business. Read More

Pre-Builds and Per-Point Methods use the averaging calculation method are open to discrepancies in the final value of your tender or quote. 

For example say we sell rate quote for each power point with ten metres of cable we have:

• 1 double socket outlet $18.00
• 1 mounting bracket $1.00
• 10 meters Power cable 12.00
• Half hour labour to install $35.00
TOTAL Per Point $66.00

Using the Pre-Builds or Per-Point Methods say we have twenty power points in our quote we have a total of $1,320.00.

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A smart meter is an electronic meter for electricity that has a capability for remote communication.

Traditional ‘accumulation’ meters generally record total consumption over three month period.  This means customers are charged the same amount for the electricity they use no matter what time of day it is used.

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