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Frequently Asked Questions and Our Answers to Them

01. Why should I spend my hard earned time and money on the ESTILEC 360 Electrical Estimating Software Application and Training Course?

An important question… and one all shrewd professionals ask themselves. There are 3 main reasons to purchase this package:

  1. Protection and Security. You are already aware of the risks involved with poor estimating. Business failure, reputation damage, loss of profit, or your job… even costly fines for negligence. The tools and knowledge contained within ESTILEC has the power to safeguard from these risks, if used correctly.
  2. This Information is Rare. Good estimators are almost impossible to find. It isn’t taught in trade schools… not properly anyway. You can’t go back to TAFE, or University, and take a course on this stuff… not to our level of skill and speed, that’s for sure.
  3. Investment for Profit and Success. It’s a well known fact ALL successful people from all walks of life have an investment mindset. They invest in good advice, training, skills… they invest in themselves. Never underestimate the power of investment… there are multi-million dollar projects out there with YOUR name on them. Will you make the necessary investment to get them?
02. What is the ESTILEC 360 Electrical Estimating Software Application and Training Course? What do I get out of it?

ESTILEC 360 Application Software remove the risks from your electrical estimating decisions:

  • Tight budgets.
    Making significant investments in new technology can be difficult or even impossible, but your existing electrical estimating system may be expensive to maintain and unable to support future business growth. Inability to gain the same technology advantage as larger competitors puts your business at a disadvantage.
  • Complexity.
    Traditional Proprietary Electrical Estimating Systems is assembled from multiple suppliers and different proprietary technologies, making it complex and fragile. Standalone servers, dedicated data backup products, and add-on virtualization can be difficult for smaller companies to deploy and maintain. Troubleshooting may require calls to multiple vendors—a waste of valuable time.
  • Lack of Specialized Skills.
    Traditional electrical estimating and tendering infrastructure requires specialized technology skills that are often scarce. This is a real challenge for smaller companies where there may be only a few staff members, and everyone has to wear many hats.

If the above challenges sound familiar, you’ll be happy to learn that there is an easier way for small and medium-sized electrical businesses to maximize investments with ESTILEC 360 Application Software.

  • Simple Solution.
    Electrical estimating and tendering infrastructure with easy-to-use existing proven Microsoft technology not requiring specialized skills, designed and developed by industry for industry with formatted links to a populated main database with over 30,000 electrical up-to-date material priced items linked to associated proven labour units as well as your own separate personised custom database to match your target market in estimating and tendering saving time and money.
03. Do You Have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

Yes, absolutely.

Some think I am crazy to offer such an outrageous guarantee but… I know what it’s like doing business with someone new. There is always the risk they are just another rip-off merchant.

For this reason I offer a complete, 100% Money-Back Guarantee! In the unlikely event you aren’t satisfied with the cutting edge tools and training you receive from me … and the FREE software access during training…, simply tell me after using the software for 60 days, if still not satisfied I will issue a quick and courteous refund. No questions asked, and no harm done!

04. How do I become an Electrical Estimator?

There are a number of paths which people can pursue to become an electrical estimator:

  • A common path is to do a degree in electrical engineering and work for a firm which does electrical work. After you’ve spent some time going through the ESTILEC package, you can start to add estimating to your weekly duties. Your employer will be thrilled to have an employee like you with initiative and an expanding skill set!
  • If you’re working as an electrician and are already fairly experienced, many companies may want to ‘put’ you into an estimating role. I don’t recommend doing this cold, being thrown in the deep end is risky for you, and your employer. Prepare yourself by taking up the ESTILEC system course.
  • You may also own your own electrical business, and it’s been difficult to find good estimators. You, or some of the brighter employees on your team, can use the ESTILEC package to add this vital skill to your business operations.
  • Virtually no-one starts out as an estimator… you absolutely must have on the job experience as an electrician/technician or an engineer, or something similar.
05. What does an Electrical Estimator do?

An estimator estimates two things: the cost of each component installed on a project AND the time cost for a worker to install it. The estimator takes these costs for every component across the entire project, and comes up with an ‘estimate.’

Good estimators are able to factor changing conditions into their costs as well. Costs change month to month, project to project, and are different in each geographical area. Lack of ability can seriously and quickly damage a company’s reputation. ESTILEC takes you through exactly these aspects of the role… so you can get the right price, the first time!

06. How do I spend fewer hours estimating complex electrical calculations without the heavy cost of electrical estimating software?

The lengthy hours in estimating are due to repetition of data entry and calculation of the same task in every project. If you’re doing it the old fashioned way, by hand, you have to enter every price every time you calculate on a single task on the project. And then, if that wasn’t time-consuming enough, you have to do it for every single task on the entire project… even if the same task is repeated hundreds of times throughout the project.

This way of doing things is absolute madness!!!

A software package isn’t much better. You often still need to re-enter prices on different sections of the project. Or, you have to re-enter calculations for the same task, even though you’ve already calculated it half a dozen times already. A software pack gives you digital storage, and easy reproduction of the final result… but it’s still so laborious, and costs a fortune.

There are two ways to save time with estimating:

  1. Cut the repetition
  2. Automate the repetition

With my system, you cut the repetition because you only enter your prices and data once, and once only. You then automate the repetition because the calculation pages are pre-loaded with all the calculations and formulae. It simply crunches the numbers for you, and spits out your costs on the summary sheet. All too easy!

Unlike a proprietary software package, ESTILEC reveals how this calculation process works… so you’re not ‘under the thumb’ of the program. You can see what is going on; you just don’t have to DO any of it…

The ESTILEC 360 Electrical Estimating Software Application and Training Course is less than a quarter of the cost of most complex electrical estimating software and is easy-to-use with less work. It doesn’t get much better than that, in my experience!

07. How do I know what the real labour cost is and what I should be charging?

If we knew that already, we wouldn’t even need estimators now, would we?!?

The only way to know the real labour cost is to do the job… but by then it’s too late. You’re stuck with whatever price you’ve got. This is where the job of an estimator comes in… because you can’t know 100% what the cost will be, you are guaranteed to have some changes when the project starts. I know you don’t like to hear that, but it’s just how these things work!

The second best way to know your real labour cost is with proven, pre-tested labour units, and labour fitting-times. Over time, you can test and measure the time and cost of common installations and tasks. If you keep a record of these times, you get more and There are only auto-calculated pages. You don’t have to do much with them, most of it is automated. These pages are formulated to a single summary page with adjustments for your overhead costs and profit margins.

08. Is the system offered without the process of having to juggle masses of spread sheets for estimating and quoting?

There are only linked auto-calculated sheets with quick search capability to save time. You don’t have to do much with them, most of it is automated. These sheets are formulated to a single summary sheet with adjustments for your overhead costs and profit margins.

So, there are automated calculated pages with minimal input required, and then one, single summary sheet…which also calculates for your business expenses and desired profit margins at the time of the project. I’ve used this system on small residential jobs, and massive coal mines.

09. How can I be sure about the accuracy of estimates for time, quantities and pricing using your system?

This is another really important question. It’s all very well to have a simple, efficient way of doing things… but if it doesn’t give an accurate price, it’s worth nothing to you. Here are 4 key reasons you can be sure of the accuracy when estimating with ESTILEC 360:

  1. In this system, time, quantities and pricing are only entered only once into the calculation sheets. Many errors come from the needless repetition found in most estimating methods, and this is exactly what you cut out when using ESTILEC 360.
  2. It uses proven labour units tested over thirty years against commonly used electrical items for a range of different installation conditions. So I and my colleagues have used these costs already… the experimentation phase has already been done. Changing conditions are also factored in (rain, delays, different skill levels of workers etc…), so you don’t need to figure it out.
  3. There are numerous auto-calculated pages, and they send their data to a single summary page. The repetition and manual calculation are largely removed. It’s the system’s key method to reducing your chance of making those costly errors when you’re tired from estimating for long hours at a time.
  4. The summary page also adjusts for your overhead costs, and your profit margins. I have seen a few systems over the years without this vital step. Even if everything else works out to be possible and profitable, everything can come undone here.

At the end of the day, your million dollar project has to bring your business up, and not down. This last set of automated adjustments ensures your next project does just that.

10. I have been offered the opportunity to submit a tender for a large electrical project and passed it up due to its size; can I use your system to quote on larger projects?

The simple answer is yes, of course you can! Just because it’s a simplified system, doesn’t mean it’s simplistic. All the necessary details are covered… it just cuts out the time-consuming repetition found in most systems and software packages.

Using this open ended electrical estimating system management plan you will be able to tender on projects valued from a few dollars to over millions of dollars.

The opportunities presented to those who win and successfully manage larger projects are immense and they all start with a thorough understanding of the electrical estimating process.

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