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DISCOVER How To FAST TRACK With Accuracy Your Electrical Estimating With Training.

This training course enables Electricians, Supervisors, Project Managers, Electrical Contractors and Business Owners to work from Small Quotes to Large Tenders.

The 3 Key Reasons Estilec is the PREFERRED Trainer of the New Breed of Professional Electrical Estimators

Key Reason #1 – Proven

Over 30 years of experience and millions of dollars’ worth of projects make up this system. You know it’s been tested, you know it’s been proven, and you know it’s being used now by estimators around the country. Short cut the learning and watch your income skyrocket!

Key Reason #2 – Confidence

Imagine what it would be like to successfully tender on projects worth millions of dollars knowing you’ve got it right. Such confidence dramatically improves your closure rates on tenders and quotes, all while saving countless hours of yours or your employees’ time at the desk estimating!

Key Reason #3 – Ease of Use

Custom software packages are often very large, difficult to use, and are built on the bias and bad habits of their designers… forcing you to repeat the same mistakes they do.

The ESTILEC 360 System is made up of simple integrated calculation pages linked to a summary page, and… Integrated network links to word documents such as ‘Request For Quotation’ and ‘Tender Letter’ Templates.

You can see everything going on with your own eyes. No hidden lines of code, or flashy but un-necessary programming tricks… just straight forward, automated, streamlined estimations!

The Key benefits you will gain from this training are:

  • Easily respond to constant changes in construction methods, tools, equipment and still produce fast accurate estimates
  • Ability to read electrical plans and complete electrical take-offs with precision
  • Increased profitability
  • Improved negotiating skills
  • Makes estimating easy – so you can save time and win more work
  • Simplify the entire electrical estimating and tendering process in your business and projects.

Electrical Estimating and Tendering Process

Electrical Estimating Process deals with the essential components of estimating and is designed to give the participants an introduction to the following:

  • Preparation of a quotations and tenders from plans and specifications
  • Quantity take-offs manually and PDF on-screen
  • Material and Labour pricing Costing the job
  • Tender Breakdown of costs
  • Tender submission letter
  • Life cycle costing analysis
  • Tender Breakdown of costs
  • Tender submission letter
  • Life cycle costing analysis
  • Documenting estimations and costing.
  • Evaluating estimates and costs

Small Electrical Installation or Service Jobs Quotations and Quotations for Inspection and Compliance Audit Services

Understanding of installation or service jobs quotations and inspection and compliance audit services quotations to an extent indicated by the following aspects:

  • Enterprise communication methods
  • Work activities records
  • Enterprise customer relations
  • Costing methods in an enterprise
  • Costing small jobs

Electrical Estimating and Tendering Domestic Project

As a participant you will do practical work which includes pricing the electrical installation of a domestic installation and preparing the documentation for a quotation submission including:

  • Preparation of a domestic quotation from plans and specifications
  • Quantity take-offs
  • Material and Labour pricing Costing the job
  • Quotation Breakdown of costs
  • Quotation submission letter
  • Documenting quotation and costing.
  • Evaluating quotation and costs
  • Document and Submit Quotation

Electrical Estimating and Tendering Commercial / Light Industrial Project

This session will consist of a more detailed process and essentially will be the preparation of a tender submission for a medium sized commercial/light industrial installation; complete a quotation and tender letter using the electrical estimating software with review and completion of the tender will include the following elements:

  • Purpose and sources of a tender
  • Documents supplied with a tender
  • Typical special conditions included in a tender
  • Tender submission requirements
  • Ascertain Extent of the Project and Tender Requirements
  • Estimate Project and Assemble Tender Submission
  • Document and Submit Tender

Electrical Estimating and Tendering Training Course Requirements

Essential electrical estimating tools are:

  • Computer to accept Microsoft Word and Excel programs
    NOTE: Apple MAC Computer shall be at least two years old with the latest Microsoft Word and Excel i.e. Office 365.
  • USB Drive
  • Scale Ruler with common scales of 1:100; 1:200; 1:500 etc
  • Metric Scale Map measuring wheel (manual takeoffs) for measuring lengths of cables, cable ladder/tray, conduit etc. (recommend Scale Master Pro XE)
    NOTE: Measuring Wheel not required for on-screen take-offs.
  • Highlight pens of various colours
  • Pencils and eraser
  • Black or blue pen
  • Standard Calculator
  • AS/NZS3000 Wiring Rules
  • AS/NZS3008 Electrical installations – Selection of cables
  • Access to Internet for sending and receiving emails and use File Sharing Software such as DropBox.

In this training course, you will need to have basic Word and Excel practical skills…

Time required…

As with any competency based training, it is not time specific.

That said, we have training timeline requirements for this course:

  • Onscreen take-offs to be completed in 14 days then continued access for $99.00 per month
  • Assignments, Quotes and tender letters by 30 days then continued access for $99.00 per month without bonus

Most complete the Advanced Training in around 5 days (full time) or 14 days (part-time).


BONUS FREE GIFT #1 – (value $987.00)

Gives you start-up Project Management / Business Package with proven templates to use in your business and for all your business and electrical projects!

BONUS FREE GIFT #2 – (value $677.00)

Compliant start-up Electrical Safety System gives you proven templates to use in just about every situation! Copy and paste with adjustments to suit your business for ultimate confidence and speed.

BONUS FREE GIFT #3 – (value $384.00)

Gives you access to the ESTILEC 360 Electrical Estimating Software Application with registration after the training for 12 months for $67.00 per month.


  • FREE Access to PDF Screen Take-off Software for 14 days from registration then $99.00 per month
  • FREE Access to Electrical Estimating Software for 30 days from registration then $67.00 per month SPECIAL TRAINING RATE
    – A MASSIVE SAVING OVER TIME (Electrical Estimating Software normal rate $99.00 per month)

Course Fee:

Training Investment $1,997.00
for Access to training documents and software packages including bonuses

And yes, it’s completely risk-free! You are covered by…

The Estilec 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

I guarantee 100% satisfaction with the entire ESTILEC Training Program. In the unlikely event you are unsatisfied with any part of the system, just call me, personally, and I’ll make sure your problem is handled to 100% of your satisfaction. In the extremely unlikely event an issue can’t be resolved (never happened by the way), I’ll readily refund 100% of any fees paid, no questions asked.

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This online non-accredited course follows the Australian Training Standards for competency units;

UEENEEC005B Estimate electrotechnology projects

UNNEEEC006B Prepare tender submissions for electrotechnology projects

UEENEEC003B Provide quotations for installation or service jobs

UEENEEC009B Provide quotations for inspection and compliance audit services

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