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Over 30 years of experience and millions of dollars’ worth of projects make up this system. You know it’s been tested, you know it’s been proven, and you know it’s being used now by estimators around the country. Short cut the learning and watch your income skyrocket!

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Imagine what it would be like to successfully tender on projects worth millions of dollars knowing you’ve got it right. Such confidence dramatically improves your closure rates on tenders and quotes, all while saving countless hours of yours or your employees’ time at the desk estimating!

Key Reason #3 – Ease of Use

Custom software packages are often very large, difficult to use, and are built on the bias and bad habits of their designers… forcing you to repeat the same mistakes they do. The ESTILEC System is made up of simple integrated calculation pages linked to a summary page using the powerful Excel software. You can see everything going on with your own eyes. No hidden lines of code, or flashy but un-necessary programming tricks… just straight forward, automated, streamlined estimations!

You can’t go back to TAFE or University and take a course on this stuff… not to our level of skill and speed, that’s for sure.

You will also receive and own the Estilec Beginners Starter Electrical Estimating Software System with this Beginners Training

$697.00 INC GST




The ESTILEC Beginners Electrical Estimating Online Training

(including software and FREE BONUSES to get you started valued at $1,000.00!!)

The self-paced, competency-based online learning modules from the comfort of home or office offer step-by-step training in the foundational knowledge, skills and processes needed to become a successful electrical estimator.

Course outcomes…

  • Improved accuracy of all electrical estimates so you charge the RIGHT price every time
  • Thorough understanding of labour units so you know the true cost of every project
  • Ability to read electrical plans and complete electrical take-offs with precision
  • Accurate documentation thanks to the software, templates and industry tools
  • You’ll save up to 70% of the time it used to take you to complete an electrical estimate
  • Completing this training gives you skills, knowledge and tools equivalent to UEENEEC005B Estimate Electrotechnology Projects

You’ll love the…

  • Industry best practice software that includes calculation tools, calculation pages with a summary page, formulas, and processes to get every job done
  • Your progress measured at every step + feedback on assignments and quote comparisons on your practical tender submissions
  • Fast Start Guide + everything you need to confidently complete the whole process from take-off measurements, to labour costs to the final tender document
  • Copy and paste proven templates for quotation letters and tender documents
  • Certificate of completion

You’ll learn…

Module 1 – Introduction to Electrical Estimating – Domestic

  • Element #1 – Ascertain Extent of the Project, Provision of notes and records. Taking notes and highlighting important items in the electrical specification and drawings become useful for material procurement, establishing labour costs and analysing the project as a whole.
    A preliminary study of the electrical specification and drawings usually gives the electrical estimator a good idea of the job whether or not the job will fit into the organizations program.
    • 1.1 OHS procedures for a given work area are identified, obtained and understood.
    • 1.2 Established OHS risk control measures and procedures are followed.
    • 1.3 The extent of the project is established from design brief, specification and/or other relevant documentation and from discussions with appropriate person(s).
    • 1.4 A date by which the estimate is to be completed is determined from design brief, specification and/or other relevant documentation and from discussions with appropriate person(s).
    • 1.5 Activities are planned to meet scheduled timeframe in consultation with others involved in the work.
  • Project #1 – Domestic Quote (submitted end of week 2)

Module 2 – Introduction to Electrical Estimating – Commercial/Light Industrial

  • Element #2 – Estimate ProjectEstablishing estimated quantities and costs such as:
    • 2.1 Material take-offs are performed accurately and checked against job specifications.
    • 2.2 Materials, labour and other costs are determined from industry standard labour rates, enterprise costing arrangements and /or material suppliers.
    • 2.3 Sources and availability of materials and human resources needed for the project are established in accordance with organisation policies and procedures
    • 2.4 Estimates are checked and revised where necessary, for accuracy in costing and against job specification, in consultation with appropriate person(s).
    • 2.5 Solutions to unplanned events are implemented consistent with enterprise policy.
  • Element #3 – Document and Submit Quotation
    • 3.1 Project estimates are documented in accordance with established policies and procedures.
    • 3.2 Quotation is forwarded to appropriate person(s) for inclusion in a submission within the specified timeframe.
    • 3.3 Quotation documentation is filed in accordance with established policies and procedures.
  • Project #2 – Commercial/light industrial Quote (submitted end of week 4)

You’ll gain…

An understanding of electrical estimating and tendering process to an extent indicated by the following aspects:

Electrical Estimating for Beginners encompassing:

  • Documents used in estimating
  • Resources to be quantified and costed
  • Material take-off methods
  • Costing:
    • i. resource (labour, plant, equipment and materials)
    • ii. contingency
    • iii. money
    • iv. margins
  • Labour rates method of costing
  • Life cycle costing analysis
  • Documenting estimations and costing.
  • Evaluating estimates and costs

Here’s what you get as FREE BONUS GIFTS when you invest in the Estilec BEGINNERS Training…

Bonus #1 – Labour Units Cost Ready Reference Data (valued at $277.00)

Get your labour costs accurate for each project with this quick reference data within the practical estimating software system!

Bonus #2 – Cost Calculator (valued at $77.00)

The little tool that helps make it 100% accurate every time! With valuable integrated cost formula.

Bonus #3 – Extension Resources (valued at $148.00)

Includes additional training videos and templates for a deep understanding of the industry so you hit the ground running.

Everything you get…

Estilec Beginner’s Training Value Investment Required
Online Tuition Modules 1 (Domestic) and 2 (Commercial) $997.00 $697
Practical Electrical Estimating Software $498.00 Included
Bonus #1 – Cost Calculator – the little tool that helps make it 100% accurate every time! $77.00 Included
Bonus #2 – Labour Units Cost Ready Reference Data Sheet $277.00 Included
Bonus #3 – Extension Resources including additional training videos and templates for a deep understanding of the industry $148.00 Included
TOTAL VALUE $1,997.00
SAVING $1,300.00

$697.00 INC GST




Remember, this training gives you skills, knowledge and tools equivalent to UEENEEC005B Estimate Electrotechnology Projects

And yes, it’s completely risk-free! You are covered by…

The Estilec 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

I guarantee 100% satisfaction with the entire ESTILEC Training Program. In the unlikely event you are unsatisfied with any part of the system, just call me, personally, and I’ll make sure your problem is handled to 100% of your satisfaction. In the extremely unlikely event an issue can’t be resolved (never happened by the way), I’ll readily refund 100% of any fees paid, no questions asked.

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